Master your cardiac and emotional coherence

Le BiofeedbackCardiac and emotional coherence biofeedback is a simple process which can help us train our organism to better cope with stress and negative emotions that can’t be completely dominated by willpower or reason.

Thanks to a captor that is positioned on your wrists or finger, your heart rate can be measured and its progression followed on a computer screen. The first thing we notice is that the heart rate is not constant and permanently fluctuates around average values. These values can be between 50 and 80/min, sometimes a little more or less depending on the circumstances: that’s what we call heart rate variability.

Heart rate variability reflects the way the organism and particularly the autonomous nervous system, reacts to the signals it receives; internal (such as muscular tension or pain…) or external, (such as stress or danger). In some cases the system doesn’t work as well as it should, for example in states of stress, anxiety and depression.

The Golden®

What personality are you (really) ?

golden coachingWhen coaching managers or teams, aéa solutions ! may use the Golden®. This tool offers a double approach to personality: personality type (based on the Jungian theory) and personality traits. It is both a personality inventory and a global approach in which you find yourself in the midst of a reflection concerning your strong points and points to develop. It also gives you real understanding of others, an essential ingredient for cooperation and cohesive work.

The innovation of the Golden®, in comparison to the work of Jung, is the existence of a 5th dimension which deals with your emotional stability and your reactions in terms of stress and anxiety.

Emotional intelligence

Become an exceptional leader !

intelligence émotionelleExceptional leaders know how to develop their understanding of their own emotions and of those of others, and so know how to better manage them. Recognizing and accepting the considerable role of emotions in the workplace distinguishes the best managers from the others in terms of:

  • Better commercial performance
  • Talent retention

The Strong

Find what you're made for

StrongYou’ve arrived at a crossroads, you are wondering what your professional future holds. You want to change, you want fulfillment in your professional life, but are you made for something else ?

The 360°

Assessment of Managerial Skills

Le 360 Coaching

Understanding how we impact others, how they perceive us and how they judge our skills is the key to our path of personal development. To access this information we need to have feedback from others.

The aim of a 360° is to anonymously obtain the opinion of our peers, subordinates and superior through a questionnaire (preferably scientifically validated), and to confront their assessments with our own. It is a powerful tool that gives access to valuable information.


mbtiIdentify your talents

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most commonly used personality tool in the world. Based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, this tool helps understand differences that exist between people.

During your “type discovery session” you will identify your personal talents, learn to know yourself better, discover what motivates you, unveil your natural strong points and the areas to be developed. You will also be able to learn to appreciate people who function differently to you.

Situational Leadership

Discover your personal style of management

leadership situationnelA good leader will vary the levels and styles of the demands they make, of the accompaniment they offer and of their form of leadership depending on the situation and the needs of their subordinates.

aéa solutions !, when developing managerial skills, uses the model of « situational leadership ».

This management principle, developed by Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey, enables you to avoid classical pitfalls such as:

  • The newly promoted manager, who has never received initial training, does what he can, or what he has seen others do, or a mixture of the two. If the manager is technically very skilled, his authority will be skills orientated, and he won’t develop the management dimension

Skills Assessment

Bilan de compétenceYou want the power to influence your career and want to highlight the professional value and expertise you have acquired. You would like to explore various strategies for professional development.

 aéa solutions ! can accompany you to do a skills assessment. This assessment takes place over a three month period and includes one appointment per week. These sessions can last up to 3 or 4 hours face to face. We can however also offer distance sessions using Skype, for example.

 Surveys we have carried out show that for projects concerning mobility including training, the strategies defined during the assessment are implemented within 3 months and for reconversion projects, they are generally implemented within a year.


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