leadership coachingLeadership: the ability of one person to influence and to bring together a group of people to reach a common goal and that in an environment of mutual trust.

To do this, the leader, man or woman, must have a solid knowledge of themselves as well as a real understanding of how others work; the MBTI® supplies these keys.

The leader must develop their emotional intelligence to learn how to channel energies and emotions, theirs and those of others, to lead them in a positive direction. They must also know how to deploy different management styles and so develop the notion of situational management.


communicationOne of the challenges for any leader, any manager, any person who wants to get a message across, is to be understood by others. How many misunderstandings, conflicts… would never arise if we all mastered the art of communication ?

Knowing the principles of systemic communication and knowing how to adapt your message to the person you are speaking to, are essential qualities when wanting to get ahead in society.

aéa solutions! has provided made to measure training in this field ever since it was founded. This training integrates the all-important notion of personality type when wanting to deal with others efficiently (MBTI®).

Psychosocial risks

risque psychosociauxWith the French IPRP accreditation, we intervene to train, enhance awareness and assess professional and psychosocial risks and we accompany businesses in all sectors: industry, local authorities and small to medium-sized companies.

All our approaches are informative. We make assessments and diagnoses, but on top of that, we transmit a methodology that is in each case, adapted to the particularity of the business. We recommend specific action plans and follow them up if no-one in the company is able to carry out that role.

Self Awareness

coaching connaissance de soi

Whether it be for your own development, to better work and cooperate within your team, or to guide your professional development decisions, knowing and understanding the way you function and being aware of your professional preferences is an inevitable necessity for any person who wants to increase their personal fulfillment.

Some of the tools that we are certified to use, such as :

  • MBTI
  • Golden
  • Strong


Stress Management

Gérer son stressKnowing how to manage your stress is an essential quality in the world we live in today. Stress, in its various forms, is becoming more and more of a major concern in firms and in organizations in general. Its estimated cost to the American industry is 200 billion dollars per year. In France, it would be between 3 – 5 % of the French GDP - Le monde June 2009.

The activity of aéa solutions ! has been strongly impacted by this development and today we have specialized in the domain of stress management, whether it be in the form of individual accompaniment, notably with executives suffering from burnout, or in the form of training, to understand and to cope with stress successfully.


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