The 360°

Assessment of Managerial Skills

Le 360 Coaching

Understanding how we impact others, how they perceive us and how they judge our skills is the key to our path of personal development. To access this information we need to have feedback from others.

The aim of a 360° is to anonymously obtain the opinion of our peers, subordinates and superior through a questionnaire (preferably scientifically validated), and to confront their assessments with our own. It is a powerful tool that gives access to valuable information.

At aéa solutions! when coaching executives, we may use “Triptyque”, a tool designed for confirmed executives and managers. It assesses the managerial competencies that are generally measured by such tools and also touches on personality traits at work and cognitive aptitudes.

The Triptyque questionnaire is made up of 3 independent modules :

Module 1 - Managerial Competencies (8 dimensions)

  • Communication, motivation, anticipation, negotiation, strategic management, respect of others, team management and decision making.

Module 2 - Cognitive Aptitudes (5 dimensions)

  • Critical thinking, creativity, written and oral expression, written and oral comprehension and numerical aptitude.

Module 3 - Personnality Traits (5 dimensions)

  • Dynamism, reliability, friendliness, self-management and social needs.


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