Stress Management

Gérer son stressKnowing how to manage your stress is an essential quality in the world we live in today. Stress, in its various forms, is becoming more and more of a major concern in firms and in organizations in general. Its estimated cost to the American industry is 200 billion dollars per year. In France, it would be between 3 – 5 % of the French GDP - Le monde June 2009.

The activity of aéa solutions ! has been strongly impacted by this development and today we have specialized in the domain of stress management, whether it be in the form of individual accompaniment, notably with executives suffering from burnout, or in the form of training, to understand and to cope with stress successfully.


Our specialty

To simultaneously develop the ability of our clients to manage the physical, the psychological and the emotional manifestations of stress.

What makes our approach unique

We combine leading edge technology (biofeedback to develop cardiac coherence) with the expertise and experience of our facilitators.

We work with individuals, through coaching, as well as with groups, through training programs designed to equip the participants to cope with whatever comes their way.


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