Situational Leadership

Discover your personal style of management

leadership situationnelA good leader will vary the levels and styles of the demands they make, of the accompaniment they offer and of their form of leadership depending on the situation and the needs of their subordinates.

aéa solutions !, when developing managerial skills, uses the model of « situational leadership ».

This management principle, developed by Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey, enables you to avoid classical pitfalls such as:

  • The newly promoted manager, who has never received initial training, does what he can, or what he has seen others do, or a mixture of the two. If the manager is technically very skilled, his authority will be skills orientated, and he won’t develop the management dimension
  • The manager has been trained in management techniques: face to face discussions, briefing, etc, but hasn’t been able to discover the importance of the relational dimension (EI2= emotional intelligence + empathetic intelligence)
  • The manager has a stereotyped behavior based on the managerial culture of the business, «All the same and the same for all». In all circumstances, he uses his technical notes on management and so falls into the trap of outrageous instrumentalization.
  • The manager is rigid and extremely bossy, or on the contrary, soft and overwhelmed.
  • The manager distributes haphazardly carrots and sticks, bonuses and penalties.

In other words, he suffers (or not) and in all cases, his team suffers.

aéa solutions ! gives you the opportunity to undergo an initial assessment to help you discover your natural management style and then can accompany you to acquire the competencies that will allow you to adapt to the context and the person.


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