coachingCoaching is a personalized accompaniment of one or several people, to help them reach or even surpass their personal and/or professional objectives more rapidly and more easily. It is based on the science of maieutic (the art of making solutions emerge in the spirit of the person who is accompanied).

The origin of the word “coaching”, comes from the French word “coche”. It designates an activity oriented towards the accompaniment and fulfilment of the person who is coached.

So what are you waiting for ?


formationThe missions undertaken by aéa solutions! can include training. These training sessions are generally co-designed with the client to ensure that their specific requirements are satisfied.

The training we provide can concern just one group of people or all the personnel in an organization. We work with small local structures but also with multinationals, our clients can therefore be found all over France but also abroad. Our multilingual team work in the language of the country where they are facilitating.

Seminars and conferences

séminairesaéa solutions ! is also called upon to give seminars at important moments in the life of a company and/or a team..

Examples of the type of occasion we have catered for:

  • During the kickoff of a merger between two entities to create cohesion
  • To celebrate extraordinary results with an executive committee to motivate them to go even further
  • During an inter-service seminar to facilitate cooperation and collaboration
  • With a team when a new manager is appointed, to get to know each other and create bonds

These seminars are unique and customized to best serve the purposes of the organizers.

Corporate coaching

coaching en entrepriseThe personalised accompaniment of a professional or team with a view to optimising their professional and personal assets to produce striking results fast.

Created at the beginning of the 70s, coaching is recognized as being a way to obtain united, productive teams and motivated, focused and inspired executives

We undertake to help you reach your objectives respecting a policy of strict confidentiality, in compliance with our code of practice.

“Accompanied, no mountain is too high!” Alexandra De La Cruz

Personal coaching

coaching personnelThe personalised accompaniment of a person with a view to optimising the human assets that will enable them to reach precise objectives and produce extraordinary results in their lives.

It is also an advantageous way to guarantee a harmonious, balanced and fulfilling life.

“Transform your dreams into objectives and your objectives into reality.”


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