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Our Vocation

The vocation of aéa solutions ! is to reduce stress and increase individual and collective fulfillment in the professional world.

Our specialty is to explore in depth the way a given individual or group works. To fully optimize the various potentials, we draw on the expertise of a team of specialists and leading edge technology : cardiac and emotional coherence (biofeedback), MBTI®, 360°, Emotional intelligence…

Our multidisciplinary team of different nationalities is a real advantage to accompany organizations in the development of their personnel throughout the world.

Experience is not what happens to man, this is what a man does to what happens to him

Aldus Huxley

The Team

Alexandra De La Cruz - Manager

Equipe coach aea solutionsConsultant in wide variety of organizations in terms of size and purpose. Certified coach (Coach académie). She is specialized in stress management (Master in emotional management), developing leadership and emotional intelligence, (360°, emotional intelligence …) and enhancing self-awareness and understanding others (MBTI®, Golden, Strong…).

With her multiple origins she has been working with managers and teams nationally and internationally, in English and in French, to reduce stress and to develop individual and collective fulfillment since 2006.


Alexandra DE LA CRUZ

Phone : + 33 (0)5 59 12 81 37

Mobile : + 33 (0)6 82 97 24 77

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