The Golden®

What personality are you (really) ?

golden coachingWhen coaching managers or teams, aéa solutions ! may use the Golden®. This tool offers a double approach to personality: personality type (based on the Jungian theory) and personality traits. It is both a personality inventory and a global approach in which you find yourself in the midst of a reflection concerning your strong points and points to develop. It also gives you real understanding of others, an essential ingredient for cooperation and cohesive work.

The innovation of the Golden®, in comparison to the work of Jung, is the existence of a 5th dimension which deals with your emotional stability and your reactions in terms of stress and anxiety.

More than a simple personality inventory, the Golden® highlights the characteristics of the different personalities and identifies the relational dynamics that result from them using:

  • the four great dimensions of Jung broken down into 36 facets
  • indications of the clarity and the intensity of your positioning on each dimension
  • a fifth dimension that describes your reactions to stressful situations
  • unique individual profiles that go beyond the 16 classical  psychological types.


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