Master your cardiac and emotional coherence

Le BiofeedbackCardiac and emotional coherence biofeedback is a simple process which can help us train our organism to better cope with stress and negative emotions that can’t be completely dominated by willpower or reason.

Thanks to a captor that is positioned on your wrists or finger, your heart rate can be measured and its progression followed on a computer screen. The first thing we notice is that the heart rate is not constant and permanently fluctuates around average values. These values can be between 50 and 80/min, sometimes a little more or less depending on the circumstances: that’s what we call heart rate variability.

Heart rate variability reflects the way the organism and particularly the autonomous nervous system, reacts to the signals it receives; internal (such as muscular tension or pain…) or external, (such as stress or danger). In some cases the system doesn’t work as well as it should, for example in states of stress, anxiety and depression.


Several techniques that positively affect the body, such as abdominal breathing, relaxation and meditation, can help the system to adjust once it has been well trained. The principle of cardiac and emotional coherence biofeedback is to better follow the heart rate variability to be able to better influence it and the whole adaptive system of our organism.

Biofeedback coachingThe same biofeedback machine can be used for two types of measurements and exercises to increase reactivity to stress:

  • Cardiac coherence through breathing exercises.
  • Emotional coherence through training to reduce the impact of internal and external stress and to put one’s organism into a state of presence so as not to be disturbed by thoughts and feelings and so to create distance from stress.

A program of short simple exercises can help you impact your own organism. All you need is to be trained to use certain techniques: breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation to help the heart and the organism better adapt and to reduce negative signs for you well-being and your health.


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