Seminars and conferences

séminairesaéa solutions ! is also called upon to give seminars at important moments in the life of a company and/or a team..

Examples of the type of occasion we have catered for:

  • During the kickoff of a merger between two entities to create cohesion
  • To celebrate extraordinary results with an executive committee to motivate them to go even further
  • During an inter-service seminar to facilitate cooperation and collaboration
  • With a team when a new manager is appointed, to get to know each other and create bonds

These seminars are unique and customized to best serve the purposes of the organizers.


As an example, some of the themes we develop:

  • Your future belongs to you
  • Empowerment, today for tomorrow
  • Using creativity to build solid values
  • Let’s build tomorrow today

With our made to measure seminars, we can provide for 10 people of for 110 people, in France or worldwide.

And we are also called upon to give conferences in the associative world, notably in professional networks such as : Réseau Entreprendre Adour, DCF, CJD, ANDRH, Femmes 3000...

Some of our conferences

  • Know yourselves and understand others with the MBTI®
  • Little tricks to manage your stress daily
  • Emotional intelligence, the key ressource to succeed as a leader, a manager of simply, a person living in society


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