formationThe missions undertaken by aéa solutions! can include training. These training sessions are generally co-designed with the client to ensure that their specific requirements are satisfied.

The training we provide can concern just one group of people or all the personnel in an organization. We work with small local structures but also with multinationals, our clients can therefore be found all over France but also abroad. Our multilingual team work in the language of the country where they are facilitating.


As an example, here are some of the training sessions that we have designed:

  • Know yourself better and understand others with the MBTI ®
  • Communicate efficiently and professionally
  • Equip yourself to transform adversity into opportunity
  • Develop your leadership by mobilizing your emotional intelligence
  • Optimize change management
  • Manage stress and sustain motivation during periods of change

aéa solutions! is a recognized training center in France and our training in France can by financed by the DIF.

What is the DIF ?

Employees in France now have an individual right to training (DIF) for publication in the Official Journal Wednesday, May 5, 2004 of the law on "vocational training throughout life and social dialogue." The device seems particularly well suited to training for personal development.


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