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The Team

Alexandra De La Cruz - Manager

Equipe coach aea solutionsConsultant in wide variety of organizations in terms of size and purpose. Certified coach (Coach académie). She is specialized in stress management (Master in emotional management), developing leadership and emotional intelligence, (360°, emotional intelligence …) and enhancing self-awareness and understanding others (MBTI®, Golden, Strong…).

With her multiple origins she has been working with managers and teams nationally and internationally, in English and in French, to reduce stress and to develop individual and collective fulfillment since 2006.


Gerardine Lemercier - Consultant

With 25 years teaching experience, Gerardine is confident that the secret to creating harmonious relations in the workplace is to be found in the brain.’Gestion Mentale’ provides a brain-based approach that will help busy business people improve their performance. 

Changing behaviour requires changing the way we think.  Changing the way we think requires attention and observation.  This tool helps to recognize our strengths.  It draws attention towards solutions rather than towards trying to resolve our weaknesses. Dwelling on problems only reinforces the brain circuits associated with them.  Focusing on solutions requires a new pathway in our brain.

Gerardine also uses NLP and NVC techniques in order to encourage people to improve their thinking patterns. She draws upon her knowledge in Chinese Medicine to deal with emotions in a mindful way.

Annika Månsson - Consultant

Annika MnssonShe is Swedish and an international coach and trainer, founder of the Geneva based agency Happy at Work. Expert in leadership, interpersonal communication and career management, with 15 years of experience in the Danone group, Annika inspires teams and individuals towards enhanced motivation and performance.

Annika also works as a journalist for Managerama TV, the online media for managers and HR professionals. Holder of a Master in Marketing and a diploma in coaching and training for adults, she is also certified in MBTI® and NLP.

Alice Bernard - Consultant

Managing exceptional stress has often been Alice Bernard’s daily bread as Head of Mission for non-governmental organisations in countries torn by conflict or natural disasters. Today a volunteer fire fighter, emergency situations and their component of stress are never very far. This “field” experience completes a theoretical and practical training by the American Coach U organisation which places the complexity of the individual at the heart of his/her capacity to develop his/her potential. Her dual nationality allows her to offer training in stress and conflict management in international organisations in several languages.


Alexandra DE LA CRUZ

Phone : + 33 (0)5 59 12 81 37

Mobile : + 33 (0)6 82 97 24 77

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